How Do You Get Your Sta-Wet Palette Paper So Clean?

Uncategorized Jan 22, 2020

"I reuse my paper quite a bit and how do you make sure it is clean enough to reuse?"

I can substitute different things for the sponge but I have never substituted anything for the paper. I have tried a few different things. I tried parchment paper but it didn’t work. I do reuse my paper quite a bit.

For cleaning my paper I grab a paper towel and if there is a lot of paint on there I wipe it up with my paper towel. Then I spray it with my spray bottle and I’ll wipe it off with another paper towel. I might do that two or three times. It usually gets clean enough that I can put paint on there and it doesn’t mix or get dirty.

I try to change out my water regularly in the sponge and in the paper because there is a problem with mildew and mold. So I put in a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide because hydrogen peroxide will kill the mold and the smell that will build up in there. That mold and mildew will make the paper and sponge breakdown.

So if you want to keep that stuff looking good and working well, you have to make sure that it doesn't get mold because the minute it gets that mildew and black stuff growing in there it will tend to break the sponge down. And the paper.

I probably reuse that paper five or six times. It just depends on how good the paper looks. I've seen a lot of people who don't put enough water in the sponge, and the paper gets dried out and it curls up.

Jed Dorsey

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