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5-Day Challenge

Totally Free & Fun: This simple, beginner-friendly mini-course is a great starting point for those wanting to discover painting or get a taste of Acrylic University. Totally free, no credit card required.

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Acrylic 101

The Definitive Guide To Painting In Acrylics: This course covers everything essential about tools, materials and the entire painting process - perfect for beginners or those wanting to learn more about acrylic painting.

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Miniature Challenge

The Miniature Painting Challenge: Receive one simple, miniature painting lesson each week for a full year - perfect for artists of all skill levels who want to paint regularly and stay inspired with minimal time commitment.

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Acrylic University Membership

The Acrylic University Membership: Full access to all premium courses, hundreds of painting lessons, live monthly classes, live Q&A's and more, all available to work through at your own pace -  perfect for artists of all skill levels who want to take their art and understanding to the next level.

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No matter your experience level or artistic ability, Acrylic University has a class for you.

Step by Step Painting Lessons

Step-By-Step Curriculum

Stop wasting your practice time on random painting lessons. With an exclusive curriculum designed for your growth, you’ll always know what to work on for maximum results.

Expert Acrylic Painting Instruction

Expert Instruction

Learn from award-winning professional artists specializing in acrylic instruction. Gain important insights and put proven methods into practice that will save you valuable time, energy and resources.

Worldwide Acrylic University Member Community

Motivation & Support

Becoming the artist of your dreams is within reach! You’ll get weekly live events and an incredible community of fellow artists so you can stay inspired every step of your creative journey.

You will discover your joy in art...


Hi, I'm Jed Dorsey, and this is Dianna Shyne.

We love art and have over 50 years of combined painting experience. 

We're thrilled to share our expertise to help you reach your artistic goals!

What if you felt... Connected? Inspired? Excited to paint?  

All this and more is included in your Acrylic University Membership:

Premium Courses

Build a solid foundation for all your artistic pursuits with our premium full courses. Painting 101, Color 101, Design 101 & Plein Air 101 are designed for your growth and flourishing in art.

Live Classes

These hands-on classes are a great way to learn as you participate with others in a structured setting. You can interact, ask questions, and enjoy painting with your AU friends - all from your own home!

Landscape Modules

Focused instruction with expert insights so you can learn to paint: Trees, Atmosphere, Water, Pathways, Flowers, Clouds, Mountains, Nocturnes, Structures, Urban Scenes, Light & Snow

Live Q&A's

With access to our LIVE Q&A, it's like having a professional coach available for advice whenever you need it. Ask any question you have and Jed and Dianna will give you their expert opinion to keep you moving forward.


You'll be able to access our Paint-Along Lessons, FAQ Video Library, and learn from Quick Tip Videos. We also have a Resource Photo Library with hundreds of images you are free to paint from and even sell!

Member Community

With access to our vibrant member community and world-wide friends, you will grow to be your best artistic self. As a member of Acrylic University, you will always have a friend for your creative journey.


Acrylic University is all about getting creative, connecting with others, and having fun.

The more fun you have, the more motivated you will be. No matter what, when you join Acrylic University, we want you to know you can count on three things:


Quality content designed for your growth.


You will be believed in and encouraged.


We value and welcome your feedback & ideas. 

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