This is Our Story

Here at Acrylic University, we regularly publish a vlog. The vlog takes you behind the scenes and shows you the personal side of Jed and Acrylic University.

This page functions like a timeline - you can view every single vlog in order from newest to oldest right here.

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Vlog 09 - Meet Silver!

Published 05/11/2020

Vlog 08 - Happy Valentine's Day!

Published 02/15/2020

Vlog 07 - Teaching a Class at Sunnyshore Studio

Published 02/7/2020

Vlog 06 - Messing Around in Michael's

Published 01/28/2020

Vlog 05 - Big Goals For 2020

Published 01/14/2020

Vlog 04 - Merry Christmas From Acrylic University!

Published 12/20/2019

A Week in the Life of a Professional Artist

Published 12/12/2019

Oregon Adventure Part 2

Published 12/5/2019

Oregon Adventure Part 1

Published 12/3/2019