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Acrylic University Membership

The premium Acrylic University experience! Join a private members-only community filled with thriving artists from all over the world. Get access to 200+ lessons from Jed Dorsey and Dianna Shyne. More premium lessons are being added constantly. In addition get weekly Live Q&As, monthly LIVE workshops and more! The AU membership packs incredible value.

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Acrylic 101

New to Acrylic Painting? We've got just the thing for you! Acylic 101 dives into the basics of Acrylic Painting. How do you keep Acrylic Paints from drying out? What palette should I use? All these questions and more are answered in Acrylic 101. In addition, Jed takes you through 6 progressively more challenging paintings to help you get used to Acrylic paints! 

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Creating Form With Light and Shadow by Dianna Shyne

Dianna Shyne has studied oil painting under some of the best oil painters in the world. One day she made the jump to Acrylics because the oils were affecting her health. Join her in this incredible course as she unpacks the power that Acrylics and teaches you how to create form with light and shadow. 

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