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What is Friday Night Live?

Almost every Friday, we host a live painting party on YouTube. We call it Friday Night Live. I paint and we talk and chat with our members and friends from all over. Often I give the painting away at the end of the night. It's a fun time for our Acrylic University Community as we get to spend time together and learn to paint at the same time.
Because the goal is mostly to enjoy each others' company and connect from all around the world, you will not find as much instruction in these sessions as you would in a lesson on our site. But I do try to answer any question that comes in throughout the evening.
So, if you are new to Acrylic University and are interested in learning to paint, this is a good way to experience a small part of what we do. Because the best part of Acrylic University really is the community. We have members from all over the world join us every week, and we love being able to encourage each other in our creative journeys.
So, whenever you can, take a little time on your Friday night and drop by. If you do, you just might win a painting!
- Jed

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