Everything You Need to Know!

July 18 - 21

July 25 - 28



Camano Island is between Seattle and the Canadian border. It is about 1 hour north of Seattle, and 2 hours south of the Canadian border.
  1. Seattle (SEATAC)
  2. Everett (Paine Field)
  3. Bellingham 
Seattle has the largest airport with the most flights - it is also the farthest away, about 1.25 hours driving (when there is no traffic). If you fly into Seattle avoid rush hour times if possible. That is between 5 - 8am and 2 - 7pm.
Camano Island is about 20 minutes from the closest major highway (Interstate5.)
If you are coming from Seattle:
Take Interstate5 to EXIT 212. (You will see signs directing you to Stanwood and Camano Island.) Turn LEFT at the lights (towards Stanwood) and then go straight for several miles. When you see the McDonald’s on your left you are in Stanwood. There is also a huge high school on your right.
Keep going STRAIGHT for a couple miles and that road will take you through Stanwood and over the bridge onto Camano Island. There is no ferry to get onto Camano.
The workshop will be at Arrowhead Ranch (615 Arrowhead Road, Camano Island, WA 98282).
After driving over the bridge continue for several miles. Turn right at SECOND set of lights which is Cross Island Road.
Then take your FIRST RIGHT at Arrowhead Road. Drive a very short distance. Arrowhead Ranch is on your left right away.
There are 2 entrances. Turn left into the SECOND entrance. The black gate will be open for you on the workshop days. We will have a sign at the end of the driveway to help you find it.
After you drive through the gates park directly on your right. This is a large grassy area with lots of parking.
The workshop is in a large white and green tent. It is directly across from the parking area. You will see two tents. The workshop will be hosted in the tent on the right. 
If you are coming from the Canadian border / north:
The directions are exactly the same as above except that after you exit from I5 you need to turn RIGHT at the lights (towards Stanwood) instead of left.


If you want to be close try to stay on Camano Island. There are a number of AirBnB’s in the area but they book up pretty fast, especially the smaller, more affordable ones. Camano Island is about 15 miles long.
Stanwood is about a 15 minute drive from the workshop location - sometimes there is quite a bit of traffic between Stanwood and Camano Island but it is usually during rush hour so that should NOT be an issue with the workshop hours.
Other areas you may consider staying are:

●  Mount Vernon (north)

●  La Conner (north)

●  Arlington (south)

●  Silvana (south)  

You may want to check out the hotels in Mount Vernon (this is north on I5 and there is generally less traffic heading north, compared to south). If you are interested in renting a larger AirBnb with a group let us know and we can work on that together if there are enough people interested.

 Accommodation Options:

  1. Lake Martha Cottage (AirBnb) - Stanwood. Jed met the owners in the summer of 2018 (Stephanie and Jason.)
  2. Utsalady Bungalow (AirBnb) - A workshop participant from a previous workshop recommended this Airbnb. Iit is located right on the water. Note: Would not be good for someone with mobility issues because of the bathroom access.
  3. Cama Beach Cabins - These are cute, rustic cabins right next to the water. Cama Beach State Park | Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission
  4. Camano Island Inn - Right on the island. Camano Island Inn WA | Inn. A higher end option.
  5. Sea Mist Waterfront Inn - Tom and Brenda Mueller. Also s higher end option on Camano Island.
  6. Angel of the Winds, Hotel and Casino - Arlington, WA 
  1. Best Western Plus Hotel - Arlington, Wa
  2. La Quinta Inn & Suites by Wyndham - Marysville, WA
  3. Stanwood Hotel & Saloon - Stanwood, WA
  4. Tulalip Resort Hotel & Casino - Marysville, WA
  5. Wyndham Garden - Arlington, WA


Each day we will provide coffee, tea and light refreshments for you throughout the day.
For lunches you will want to bring a lunch or grab something at Camano Commons which is the main commercial area on Camano Island. There are a few restaurants, a wonderful bakery, local coffee and ice cream. Camano Commons is a 5 minute drive from the workshop location. The address is 848 N. Sunrise Boulevard.
We need to confirm if we have access to a fridge. We will let you know soon. If we don’t have access and you want to pack a lunch you will need a cooler / ice pack.
Lunch will be 1 hour from 12 - 1pm (The workshop will be 9am to 4pm).
In addition to the Camano Island restaurant options, there are more restaurant options in Stanwood. Some of our favorites are Jimmy’s Pizza, Jasmin Thai, Mod Pizza, The Cookie Mill and Raliberto’s Taco Shop.
On the last day of the workshop we will go out for a celebration dinner together at “Tapped” at Camano Commons for those who can make it (significant others are also invited):

●  Thurs, July 21st for Workshop #1

●  Thurs, July 28th for Workshop #2
The cost for dinner is not included in the workshop.

There is one grocery store on Camano Island but more store options in Stanwood. If you are staying in a bigger area like Mount Vernon there are many options for stores and restaurants.



  1. Iverson Beach - Close to the workshop location. This is our favorite. It is the sandiest (sometimes muddy) and the tide is always changing the landscape. There is a beautiful view of the mountains, lots of driftwood, and a short hike including Hobbit Trail.
  2. Barnum Point - Also close to the workshop location. Great walking trails through the woods and overlooking the water. If you are ambitious go down the big hill to the beach. It’s rocky but still a great place to hang out in the summer. You may see some seals out in the water.
  3. English Boom - Small but nice beach with walking trails through the grasses.

State Parks

  1. Camano Island State Park - On the south end of Camano Island. Some walking trails and huge, rocky beach area with picnic tables.
  2. Cama Beach State Park - Also on the south end of Camano Island and very close to Camano Island State Park. There is a nice cafe here overlooking the water and an area to hang out by the water (near the rustic cabins mentioned above). There are also some hiking trails.


Camano Island is typically really sunny and beautiful in the summer. Bring sunscreen. The workshop will be held under a large canopy tent so we will be under cover but be prepared for sunshine!
Bring a sweater as it can also be chilly in the morning - summer temperatures are usually in the 70’s.
Jed will be doing several demo’s during the workshop. They will be available to purchase.
Please do not arrive at the workshop location before 8:45am each morning.
On Friday there is an optional morning of painting plein air together at a different location near Stanwood. It is a beautiful waterfront view at the home of a local artist. Jed will not be providing formal instruction but it will be a fun, casual experience followed by lunch together at a restaurant for those who want to.

●  Fri, July 22nd for Workshop #1

●  Fri, July 29 for Workshop #2
The cost for lunch is not included in the workshop. This morning is optional.

Cancellation Policy: If you cannot attend this workshop, our cancellation policy is a 90% refund up to and including 30 days before the workshop starts. No refunds for cancellations 29 days or less prior to the start of the workshop.

If you have any questions email us at [email protected]. We are so excited that you are coming!

Renae Dorsey