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The incredible new course from award-winning artist, Dianna Shyne.


Expert Guidance

Learn the secrets of Dianna Shyne, an award-winning professional artist with over 35 years of artistic experience. Learn how to paint anything by breaking your subject down into planes of light and value.

4.5 Hours of Instruction

Dianna's course includes 4 1/2 hours of content. Spread across seven lessons, Dianna teaches you how to paint increasingly complex subjects by thinking about them in terms of light and value.

Acrylic University Community

Enrolling in this course also enables you to be part of Acrylic University's amazing worldwide community of artists. With lots of encouragement, live Q&A's, painting challenges and more, you will thrive in your art.


Pursuing her passion for art, Dianna Shyne has spent over thirty five years working in acrylic, oil and watercolor. She studied 15 years with renowned Russian Impressionist teachers including Ron Lukas, William Reese and Del Gish.


Dianna has exhibited her work in over 40 solo and two person exhibitions, and won more than a dozen top National awards, Including first place in The Artist’s Magazine 2013 all media competition.  Her work is included in publications such as The Artist Magazine, Watercolor Magic and Northlight Books. Dianna’s  painting “Americana” was featured in the 2013 edition of “Acrylic Works the Best of Acrylic Painting” published by Northlight Books.


Each of these lessons is designed to guide you into a deeper knowledge of how light works and affects everything we see. Dianna is a master at taking complex ideas and communicating them in a simple, easy-to-understand way. You will love her step-by-step instruction and joyful teaching style.

Lesson 1: Seeing Light and Shadows on a Sphere 

Starting with the simple shape of a sphere and working on careful observation of how the light and shadows work in this minimal scene, this lesson establishes the groundwork for every other lesson.

Lesson 2: From Sphere to Apple 

Building upon the principles in the first lesson, this study takes a real-life sphere and shows how light reveals the nuances of its form and how you, as a painter, can paint it convincingly in color.

Lesson 3: Seeing Light & Shadows on a Cylinder 

The next study is of a cylinder. Similar to the sphere, it is a simple and straightforward subject, but as Dianna unlocks the principles of this lesson, it will enable you to paint the unending wealth of subject matter that is all around you.

Lesson 4: From Cylinder to Mug

Applying the principles of the cylinder to this real-life mug, you will have another hands-on practical exercise to build your confidence to observe and paint anything.

Lesson 5: Creating Form with a Beautiful Summer Tree

In this lesson, you will put what you have learned into practice by first observing that a tree is essentially a ball and a cylinder put together. And understanding how the light works on those simple objects from previous lessons will help you as you begin looking at more complex structures such as this beautiful tree.

Lesson 6: Creating Form with a Little Bird on a Stump

Another combination of a cylinder and a ball, this beautiful outdoor scene gives you another amazing opportunity to build upon what you have already learned about light and form.

Lesson 7: Creating Form with a Bucket of Apples on Sunny Day

This final lesson puts it all together one more time in this dynamic and luscious scene. You now will have a fantastic understanding of how light creates form and the applied experience of how to observe and paint it in any scene!

What Other Students Are Saying:

"Dianna is the entire reason I paint today.  I started, and nearly stopped painting in 2013.  Then a friend encouraged me to take a 5-day course with Dianna.  I am sure that I am one of her success stories because in that short time I went from wanting to quit to being enthusiastic to continue; from not knowing what was bad about my painting to knowing how to make it good."

- Debbie Alsip


"We recently organized two 5-day workshops with Dianna Shyne.  Best teacher ever!  All of the participants gave feedback that they learned more from Dianna about planning their painting, organization of the palette, colour theory/mixing, composition, perspective and her signature Splat! process. The enthusiasm expressed by people who took the first workshop spread and the second filled to capacity.  We want her to return!"

- Waterside Art Group

A Word From Dianna

I am so excited to unveil this course to you! There is nothing more beautiful than seeing how light transforms an object. And for aspiring artists who want to create the illusion of space and form on their canvas, it is so important to understand that light is a real thing. It is as real as the solid objects we are painting. Light is the revealer of everything. And it changes minute by minute and hour by hour.

I look forward to having you in class and growing together as we marvel at this wonderful gift of light!

- Dianna

Full "Creating Form" Course



Includes: 4.5 Hours of Expert Instruction: Learn to see and paint form - from simple to complex. Dianna will give you proven methods to transform your painting!

Also Included:

Free Copy of Dianna's Acclaimed Book, "Acrylic Workshop" (Digital Version)

Worldwide Member Community

And so much more!!


Full Course + Coaching w/Dianna



Includes: Everything in the "Creating Form with Light" Full Course, PLUS one month of art mentoring: 

Sessions include one-on-one conversations, goal-setting, and individualized lessons that are tailored to you. Each week you will receive a lesson on email that will address your specific growth areas, hone your skills, and guide you on new paths. You will also have a private 30 minute critique each week using Skype, Facetime or Facebook Messenger.


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are lots of mediums to paint with. The three most popular mediums are oil, watercolor and acrylics. But there are SO many reason to paint with acrylics!

  1. Water Cleanup: Acrylic paints clean up easily with water. You will never need to expose yourself or others to special solvents or thinners when you are using acrylic paints.
  2. Fast Drying:I love the fact that I can touch my paintings after a short time and not worry about getting wet paint on myself or what's around me. This makes it much easier to store and transport paintings without all the headache you'd have if they were still wet. Also, when I want to make a change to a painting I can do it quickly.
  3. Super Versatile:Acrylic paints can be applied to almost any surface because they adhere so well. They can also be applied very thin and transparent or very thick and impasto-like without having to worry about rules like "thick over thin" because of their quick drying properties. Acrylic paintings are easy to frame because they don't need to be protected with glass.
  4. Cost Effective:Acrylic paints are fairly inexpensive when compared to other mediums. This means that you can paint and practice with freedom without being too concerned about cost.
  5. Travel Easily:Because they are non-toxic and don't require fancy thinners, you can travel the world with your acrylic paints and never worry about boarding a plane with hazardous materials.


We are happy to say we've had many people with little to no experience come through our instruction! We will walk you through each step of the painting process, starting with what supplies you want to have and why. You will be able to see paintings come together from start to finish and never miss anything because you can pause, stop & rewind as much as you need!

Absolutely, yes! 

Not only will you be able to be refreshed in the foundational practices that are of great help to every artist, whether beginner or advanced, but you will get an insider look at key the principles Dianna has discovered in her 25 plus years of working with acrylics. 

You will be gaining unlimited access to this course for life. Plus, you will be able to become part of the Acrylic University community with all of its perks!


We give you access to a detailed supply list that will give you all the information you need. You will also have access to videos with helpful information about which supplies to buy and an link to an online art supply store where everything can be purchased. You can start with the supplies you have at home if you want and that’s perfectly fine. Below is a general list of the supplies that are needed to get started:

  • Acrylic Paint
  • Palette
  • Canvases
  • Brushes
  • Sketchbook and pencils
  • Value Finder

You do not need to be a "tech wizard" to participate in our courses. We built Acrylic University on a very user-friendly platform that anyone can navigate. And if you ever have questions or issues, you can contact us at [email protected]. We are here to help.

Yes, absolutely!

If you cancel your subscription within 45 days, we will refund all of your money - no questions asked. We believe strongly in what we do and we want you to be thoroughly satisfied.


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