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Questions & Answers: Learning to Paint with Jessica Green

Dec 04, 2020
By Jed Dorsey
In this session Jessica Green joins us from Indianapolis, IN. 
What a joy Jessica is! She has such a great perspective on being an artist. So many nuggets of wisdom. Here are a few:
  • You don't have to be a full-time artist to be a successful artist. You can enjoy art and flourish even if you don't make your living from it. There are different types of artists!
  • There are ebbs and flows in life. Do what you can and enjoy your season. Be fully present in whatever season you are in.
  • If you feel stuck and can't paint just switch gears. Do something else creative (it could be cooking or something not normally thought of as "creative.") Be gentle with yourself.
  • Also don't get discouraged when a solution stops working in anything - try something different. Most solutions are temporary.
  • Time away from painting is not wasted. You need to fill yourself up with inspiration. You can't paint from an empty pitcher. Get outside. Have some fun!
Jessica has quite a bit of experience with Art Fairs so we had some great conversation about this topic.
A huge thanks to Jessica for taking time to be with us in the midst of her busy life!
To see more of Jessica's work go to:

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