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Questions and Answers: Learning to Paint with Farley Lewis

Jan 06, 2021

by Jed Dorsey

Farley Lewis is a true artist using his skills in a wide variety of ways: sign painting, fine art, murals, house portraits, and teaching. Such an interesting, resourceful and creative person (and father of 5 - including a set of triplets!).

Farley is one of the main artists who does murals for Bass Pro Shops and has travelled extensively all over the U.S. for this reason.

I asked Farley what he would say to an artist who feels unmotivated and discouraged. He says, "Paint something you KNOW you can do, something tried and true that will bolster your confidence. Then bring that confidence with you to tackle something more challenging." Great advice!

Enjoy this interview with someone who has lived and breathed art for many years. Farley is both knowledgeable and kind - wonderful combination!
To see more of Farley's work go to:
"Spring Shadows" Farley Lewis