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Amazing Artists to Learn From

Oct 30, 2021

Amazing Artists to Learn From

The other day I got asked which artists have influenced my work. I compiled a list of artists that influenced me and included links to their website. They're all incredible artists and there's a lot you could learn from them. 

Mike Svob

If you've been painting for any length of time, you've probably heard of Mike Svob the world renowned Canadian Artist. He's the first person who got me painting again from the time I was a kid. I took workshops from Mike Svob, Rober Genn and others.

 Mike Svob

Ovanes Berberian


Ovanes is a Ukranian artist based out of Idaho. My dad and I took a workshop with Ovanes. He influenced me a ton - even though I only took one workshop, the things that he said made a big difference.

Ovanes Berberian - New Masters Gallery

John Michael Carter

Another artist I've taken a workshop from. All the artists I've learned under have left some sort of mark on my work. 

John Michael Carter Fine Art

Carolyn Anderson

I took a portrait workshop from her - it was the most challenging workshop I've ever done.

Carolyn Anderson Fine Art

John Poon

One of the best teachers I've studied under in terms of John's style of teaching. The way he taught and cares about his students is phenomenal. He brings his teaching to bear on whatever they're working on.

John Poon

Wyatt LeGrand

Wyatt LeGrand was one of the last artists I took a workshop from. 

Home (

Richard Schmid

I'd say that Richard Schmid influenced more contemporary / landscape painters than anyone else that I'm aware of. He had a wide reach and taught a bunch of very well known artists. I have one of his books, he reminds me of Robert Genn. Richard made books and DVDs long before other artists started making DVDs. Richard is a great writer and his books are very insightful. If you're going to read one of his books, make sure to order it directly from his website, not Amazon.

Richard Schmid Official Site

Robert Genn

Similarly to Richard Schmid, Robert Genn is another artist who had a very wide reach. I studied under Robert Genn for a time. His work has a worldwide reach for sure. He has a newsletter that goes out all over the world. 


All these artists have influenced me in significant and quite different ways and there's an immeasurable volume of things to be learned from them.