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Our courses are designed with you in mind. We know how challenging it can be to learn something new. Our goal is to create content that is easy to understand, fun, and beautiful. We are doing everything we can to create a learning environment that leads to success. We want to help you grow as an artist and as a person. Members of Acrylic University receive high-quality video lessons when they join the community and are given access to new content on a regular basis. The video lessons include hands-on exercises, a library of resource photos, paint-along videos, and comprehensive supply lists, all in the context of a vibrant community of other artists.
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Acrylic 101

In Acrylic 101 we give you the foundation you need to excel in painting with acrylics. Lessons 1 to 4 cover Supplies and Tools, Thumbnail Sketches, Values and an Introduction to Color. These are the basics that you need to get started in creating dynamic paintings. In Lessons 5 to 7 you will paint along with Jed as he guides you through the painting process, creating 3 separate pieces. This course includes 22 video lessons, a comprehensive supply list, exercises with corresponding resource photos and over 4.5 hours of video instruction. 
Lesson 1 Tools Warm Up
1.1 Why I Love Acrylic Paints
1.2 Surfaces
1.3 Essential Colors
1.4 Paint Box Palette
1.5 Brushes
1.6 Easels
1.7 Sketchbook
1.8 Studio Setup Warmup Exercise
Lesson 2 Thumbnail Sketch
2.1 Intro To Thumbnails
2.2 Thumbnails Changing Shapes
2.3 Thumbnails Changing Values
Lesson 3 Values
3.1 Why Values Matter How To Use A Value Finder
3.2 Values Finder In The Real World
3.3 Practicing Values w Grayscale Painting
Lesson 4 Intro to Color
4.1 Transparent or Opaque Color
4.2 Color Warm and Cool
4.3 Color as Value
Lesson 5 Color Toned Canvas
5.1 Painting 1 When the Sun Paints the Skies
Lesson 6 Gray Toned Canvas
6.1 Painting 2 High Tide
Lesson 7 Black Toned Canvas
7.1 Painting 3 Wooded Glen

LearN To Paint. Anytime. Anywhere.

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Primary Palette

Primary Palette is a mini-course on color where we dive into the primary colors of our palette. The instruction and simplicity of the exercises will give you invaluable practice with mixing colors, understanding value in relation to color, and a deeper understanding of how colors interact with one another. In Part 1 you will paint with warm yellow, cool blue, and warm red. In Part 2 your colors will be cool yellow, warm blue, and cool red. This mini-course is an essential part of your growth as an artist. This course includes 8 video lessons, hands-on exercises, and over 1.5 hours of video instruction.
Palette 1 Cadmium Yellow DeepPalette 1 Phthalo BluePalette 1 Cadmium RedPalette 1 Mixed Muted
Palette 2 Cadmium Yellow LightPalette 2 Ultramarine BluePalette 2 Quinacridone MagentaPalette 2 Mixed Muted


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Paint-Along Lesson Library

Our Paint-Along Lessons are an excellent resource for you in your journey as an artist. With these stand-alone video lessons you have the opportunity to complete practice paintings on your own schedule, apart from the more comprehensive courses. Jed will lead you through the painting process from start to finish; from drawing on the design, blocking in values, colors, shapes, refining these elements and putting on finishing touches. These video lessons are about 1 hour in length. You will enjoy the stories and insights that Jed shares during these sessions. We will be adding to this library on a regular basis.
Sunrise Over FarmhouseLate Day Quiet Water
Moody Day Country Road

Plein Air 101

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Acrylic 102

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