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Questions & Answers: Learning to Paint with Patti Mollica

Sep 10, 2020
By Jed Dorsey
One of my favorite things to do at Acrylic University is host artists during our Q&A session. We get to peak into their studios, hear their stories, and be inspired by their passion. I was thrilled to have Patti Mollica join us from New York! She shared her art journey and answered some great questions that were asked by Acrylic University members. Patti, thanks for sharing your time and talents!
30:00 - Susan Echard
Patti, I love your bold colorful style. It's similar to mine. I'm currently working on a painting that has big trees with big & long shadows. I'm having a terrible time painting these tree shadows. They look like giant roots. How can I make them look more like shadows. Help! P.S. I'm using bright bold colors colors in this painting.
37:14 - Marilyn McRobert
My question is for both Jed & Patti. Your color choices in paintings are often not the actual colors of the objects and my question is - how do you decide on what colors to use? This is something that I struggle with -- when do you paint the sky orange or a mountain pink or a tree purple?
46:15 - Tanya Comerford
Which colors do you recommend blending to create the color black? How does one use a warm black vs a cool black?
51:57 - Evin Foss
I have some canvases that say they are oil primed. Can I paint on these with acrylic paint?
53:34 - Rachel DeRagon
For Patti - Who influenced you while learning to loosen up in your painting?
56:47 - Jan Young
For both Patti and Jed, can you talk about the brush sizes and types of brush strokes you use to paint loose?
1:02:40 - Nancy Dopler
As a former graphic designer how did you get yourself to do more loose work after being in that field where everything has to be exact?
1:06:55 - Nancy Laliberte
What do you with paintings that have been around for awhile but not sold?
1:09:00 - Nancy Laliberte
Since you work in both oil and acrylic how does your technique vary, if at all, for each medium? What's different? What's the same?
1:12:55 - Jan Young
Both of you have such expressive brushstrokes that are so beautiful. What advice can you give us to develop more loose and expressive brushstrokes?
1:16:57 - Nancy Laliberte
What is your schedule like? And what are your tips for balancing painting time with office / admin time, teaching time, family time and home responsibilities, etc?
"Zigzag Through Downtown - #2" - Patti Mollica

If you would to see more of Patti's work go here:

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