Is Daily Paintworks Website a Good Place to Start Selling My Paintings?

Carol Marine, a great artist who started painting small paintings, and then developed a following of people who were also painting small paintings, created The Daily Paintworks website so that they could promote and sell their work.

They offer a subscription service for $12.95 a month, and you can post as many paintings for sale as you want. Anybody can subscribe and post their work for sale. So if you have paintings that you're interested in selling, it can be a good option.

However, no matter where you try to sell your art, you're going to have to do quite a bit of work to get internet traffic to go looking for you. Right now, if you went on Daily Paintworks' website, they probably have hundreds of artists on there who are already selling their work.

So if you want your painting to stand out, it is going to take some effort. You're going to have to figure out ways to crack the code to get your art filtered to the top of the page where more people will see it and might purchase it. It's like going to a gallery that has fifty artists in it already, and you're the low person on the totem pole, and the gallery owners are promoting their highest selling artists the most.

The nice thing about getting on that website is that it does have established traffic. So I think it's a good place to get started selling. But remember that posting your paintings won't just automatically turn into sales. You're going to still have to build your following.

Jed Dorsey

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